IICS Primary EAL

English As An Additional Language (Primary)  

IICS is an international school with a history of offering a rigorous and caring programme for language learners.  Many students attending IICS speak two or more languages, with English as an additional language. In the IICS Primary EAL programme, emphasis is placed on developing language in the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking, using methods appropriate for culturally and linguistically diverse students.  Students are given opportunities to practice and apply language through interaction with adults and peers, hands-on learning experiences and activities that promote critical thinking.

IICS Primary EAL Mission Statement To provide high quality, authentic instruction and activities that enable English Language learners to acquire the social and academic English needed to achieve in all areas of school life.

IICS Primary EAL aims to

  • Enable students to acquire English as an additional language so that they are able to fully participate in all aspects of academic and social school life.
  • Help students to access content-based language that can be used in meaningful classroom interactions.
  • Help students develop a voice in the PYP units of inquiry.
  • Provide students with a “safe haven” where they can learn and experiment with new language before using it in the classroom.
  • Create an environment where students feel comfortable and secure, where they can share feelings and opinions with each other.
  • Provide on-going assessment of students, in collaboration with homeroom teachers.

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