A Good Night’s Sleep

Why Sleep Matters

Experts acknowledge that sleep plays a significant role in brain development, and it is therefore important for children to get enough sleep as their bodies grow and mature. Sleep is crucial for teenagers – it is while they are snoozing at night that they release a hormone that is essential for the growth spurt during puberty.

As well as the role it plays in brain development, sleep also plays an important role in our brain’s day-to-day ability to function. Lack of sleep makes it much harder for us to concentrate, and we become forgetful, irritable and prone to being clumsy and making mistakes.

Furthermore, scientific evidence shows that the right amount of night-time sleep is just as important for children’s development as healthy eating and regular exercise.

How Much Sleep Should My Child Get?

  Age   Hours Of Sleep
0 – 2 months    10.5 – 18
2 – 12 months    14 – 15
1 – 3 years    12 – 14
3 – 5 years    11 – 13
5 – 12 years    10 – 11

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