Bullying Tips for Teachers

Educational Psychologist Anna Vierling (MSc/Dipl.-Psych.) from Berlin, Germany has been a visiting intern at IICS for the last two weeks. Her goal was to better understand the daily functioning of a school psychologist. Anna works in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Humboldt University, where she gives classes for future teachers at the Masters level. Anna has conducted social skills and bullying prevention programs with 1st though 10th grade classes for over 10 years and gives teacher workshops on effective prevention work in schools. Anna offered her insights to IICS within her two-week internship with Vivian Huizenga (Educational Psychologist and primary counselor).

Anna gave well-researched 20 minute lunchtime sessions to interested primary and secondary teachers at both campuses on effective bullying interventions. Starting with a quick overview about the research on overt and covert forms of aggression and bullying and ending with a detailed description of a three-step intervention that has been effective in 87% of 192 studied bullying cases.


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