Learning Support Referral Process

1)    Teacher notes a concern about a student and completes a referral screening form outlining details and what has been tried so far. Please give a copy to administrator.


2)    Learning support will consult with the teacher, make classroom observations and suggest alternative strategies to be tried for a specific time period.


3)    Learning support to write letter to parents advising them of the interventions that are being tried.


4)    If the strategies are not working, they can be readjusted or testing may be advised to better understand the students’ strengths and weaknesses. In this case the parents are notified and asked to sign a testing notification form.


5)    A feedback meeting with parents, learning support and the student, where applicable, and an Learning Support Plan (LSP) completed and signed.


6)    The LSP is shared with the teachers concerned.


7)    Regular feedback with parents and teachers in the form of LSP meetings and/or Learning Services Reports.


8)    If the school finds that they have exhausted all reasonable efforts to develop learning independence for a mainstream classroom, the family will be advised that IICS cannot meet the needs of the child.


  1. If the family agrees to continue with IICS in spite of recommendations for alternative placement, the parents will be asked to sign a form stating they have agreed to the above.
  2. Or, a more suitable learning environment that can meet the needs of the child will be recommended.

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