Specialist Bios

Claudine Le Goff

IMGP4632 My name is Claudine Le Goff and this is my fourth year at  I.I.C.S. My  teaching career started in France, and continued in  Canada where I  taught French Immersion. Seven years ago I  decided to teach in an  international school and my first country  was Turkey, in Izmir. Then I  moved to Cairo. I am delighted to  be back in Turkey and teach E.A. L. to  children in grades 1, 2  and 3 at Istanbul International Community School.


Vivian Huizenga

Vivian Huizenga M.Sc. Is a Canadian Licensed Psychologist with a  Masters in Educational Psychology and Statistics from the State  University Of New York.

For the first 5 years after obtaining her degrees Vivian worked in rural  Canada as a School Psychologist. For the next 10 years she worked in  Montreal with a private center for learning disabilities completing  assessments for private schools, 2 universities and with a psychiatrist in private practice assessing and coaching adults with attention difficulties. Vivian also worked for 7 years in the far north with the Inuit and Cree nations assessing children and implementing reading and support programs for communities in transition.

Vivian has always traveled independently world wide and finally took a post in Kuwait to set up entrance exams for 2 private schools and supported early years learning. Vivian has been at IICS for 8 years and is familiar with the community, its resources and the needs of transitional families.

Vivian’s specialties are reading and attention but works with emotional,behavioural concerns

Natasha Witte


Natasha Witte is a teacher with certifications in Elementary Education and Special Education and a M.A. in Early Childhood Developmental Delays from Grand Valley State University.

Natasha has taught in Michigan, Guatemala and now Turkey in many different roles, ranging from classroom teacher (Preschool through Grade 3) and learning support (Preschool through Grade 8).  For the past three years, she was a classroom teacher at IICS and is excited to join the learning support team in a new role.  She has a strong passion for Reggio Emilia education and helping young learners read.

In her free time, Natasha enjoys hopping on boats, talking baseball, hosting game nights, traveling to new places, baking and yoga.  Natasha can be contacted at nwitte@iics.k12.tr.

 Meral Soguksu

Hello, my name is Meral Soguksu. I am Turkish/British and live in Istanbul with my two teenage children, two cats and a dog. I grew up in the UK and came to live in Turkey full time 15 years ago. I have a BA  in Spanish and Portuguese and have been qualified to teach EAL since 1995. I also have an MEd in Teaching EAL.

I have a passion for teaching and learning languages and have been teaching EAL for 10 years. This is my fifth year at IICS teaching at The Hisar Campus, where I also provide Learning Support and teach Turkish Language A classes.

I enjoy reading modern fiction, funny poetry for children and baking cakes.  You might see me running along the Bosphorus from time to time.

Jennifer Ribachonek

Photo on 13-11-14 at 08.13Jennifer Ribachonek is a credentialed Primary Teacher with an MA in Peace Education from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace.  Jennifer has worked as a classroom teacher, Learning Support teacher, Literacy Specialist and  EAL teacher in  Mexico, Costa Rica, South Korea  and now in Istanbul, Turkey.  She is originally from sunny Florida, in the USA.

Jennifer is a creative Literacy Specialist experienced in creating a school wide learning environment that engages and inspires all students.   Her diverse experience and passion for multicultural education guide her work with students.  She is always busy with 2 children at home, and she loves to read and go on long walks in her spare time.



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